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The Company


AngioTarget BV is a spin-off company of the VU University Medical Center (VUMC) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Through a strategic collaboration between VUMC, the Angiogenesis Laboratory and AngioTarget, proprietary targets discovered in the Angiogenesis Laboratory are exploited for the development of diagnostic imaging strategies for cancer.

Imaging of ongoing angiogenesis has great potential for assessment of therapy response, but can also be used for prediction of therapy response. Biomarkers for therapy response are not available yet, but are seriously needed to prevent prescription of expensive and ineffective therapy and to gain time in the course of therapy, from the patient's perspective.

AngioTarget is also dedicated to the developement of therapeutic strategies based on targeting proprietary markers of the tumor vasculature. A novel strategy for vaccination against the tumor vasculature has been developed, making use of antibody inducing  conjugate vaccines.

AngioTarget BV. has its own research premises at the incubator facility of the VU University.









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