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AngioTarget is a Dutch biotech company focusing on the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies  for cancer.

Tumor induced formation of new blood vessels, the process that is called angiogenesis, is a target for diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies. AngioTarget is dedicated to the development of tracers for diagnostic imaging of cancer. A recently designed PET tracer is developed for guidance of therapy decisions, monitoring of therapy success and prediction of therapy response. AngioTarget also develops anti-cancer strategies based on targeting the tumor blood vessels. These strategies are directed against a number of highly specific and proprietary markers of the tumor vasculature.











March 2017 - AngioTarget and VUMC reach a worldwide exclusive license agreement on technology of the Angiogenesis Laboratory.

June 2016 - AngioTarget receives EU H2020 funding. Call H2020-SMEINT-1-2015.
Project 717287-1 (ANGIO-IMAGE).

January 2014 – AngioTarget receives Proof of Concept grant from the VUMC TTO office for the development of its first product.

December 2013 - AngioTarget signs collaboration and license agreement with VUMC.





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